In the spring of 1986, I began beekeeping as a hobby. My first hive (top bar)  was a gift from my uncle.
Vcelna Apiaries Ltd. has served the beekeeping for 20 years by selling nucs and queen Carniolan breeding stock. We provide mainly quality Carniolan Queens,  nucs with Carniolan Queens and capped queen cells.

We do not use antibiotics to maintain the hives. Our Wild forest honey is fresh from the hives, unfiltered, unheated. This honey is harvested from 300 our hives which are situated close to Vcelna village. During the winter season, Stepan has more time to science, and to support the regional beekeeping by providing information, lecture on Queen rearing and the epidemiology of honeybee disease.




Price [EUR]

Forest honey, (Waldhonig) - 15kg bucket            (6 EUR / kg)                              

Our Carniolan Queen

The Carniolan bee, A. m. carnica is a dark European race of honey bee that originated in the region of Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. The Carniolan race is known for its ability to withstand harsh winter temperatures and conservative use of winter stores.  




Price [EUR/pcs]

Carnica, Free mated queen F1, linage SKLENAR, minimal amount 5 pcs. 28
Carnica, Inseminated queen linage SKLENAR  - Insecton
Veterinary health certificate (one postal consignment) 18
 Shipping (one postal consignment) EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE 50




Carniolans winter with a relatively small clusters, but build rapidly in the spring when pollen and nectar become available. Every year we produce inseminated queens for our breeding lineage.






Our Nucs are small hives containing a Queen, several frames of

brood, and a frame or two of honey and pollen. They are usually 6 frames.


Phacelia field, 8-nucs palette.




Ctyry chalupy 198, 37382 Vcelna, Czech Republic

(farm location: 20 sites are up to 20 km from Vcelna village)

 RNDr. Mgr. Stepan Ryba, PhD

Tel: +420 608 409 226

(Business Address: Insecton s.r.o., Ctyry chalupy 198, 37382 Vcelna)